Information is always crucial no matter what! It is important for the event organizers to know everything possible about their event attendees. No wonder, it plays a great part in empowering the organizers in creating an all-round successful event. This makes it super important at the point of registration to ask attendees all the right questions. Here is a quick list of some prominent questions to collect information from the event attendees during the registration. This information is important in fully understanding the attendee's expectations.

Arrival Times

It is always a great idea to know when your attendees will arrive at the event venue as this will help you plan for the right level of check-in staffing. Moreover, you can efficient handle the peak timing crowds which most of the times becomes uncontrollable. You may even arrange for transportation for the attendees if needed in any case.

Key Event Goals

Don't hesitate in asking your attendees about what they wish to take-back home from your event. Different people come with different mindsets to a particular event as some come to increase their knowledge, while others may look forward to expand their professional network. You may not be able to full-fill everyone's expectations but try and cater maximum.


As per many Disabilities Acts, the event organizers in order to rent space in public facilities for events, conferences or seminars must ensure that the selected venue features required facilities to be accessed by people with disabilities. Knowing all such requirements in advance will help the organizers to plan better for accommodating their needs.

Emergency Contact Information

May you have to never use it, but having emergency contact information is as important as anything else. This will not leave the organizers in a state of panic in case of any causality and also the family members could be informed if any emergency help is needed.

Payment Information

Make sure that you ask about credit card or purchase order information to your attendees in order to avoid any last minute chaos. This way, the organizers will be easily able to collect the conference and event fees in a timely, convenient and efficient manner. Organizers may look for an automated event platform which allows them to collect payment information securely.

Social Media Accounts

Try and get the social media handles of your attendees including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn so that you can redefine the social media strategy and push event information. This can also help the organizers in sharing teaser videos from presenters or exhibitors for event.

Event Preferences

Getting a clear picture of what your event attendees expect from you is never a bad idea. This will help you to more accurately determine the necessary food and service levels for each group of attendees as you may be able to segregate them. You can also ask for what particular scheduled educational sessions they plan to attend and which all exhibitors catch their fancy. At last, give your presenters and exhibitors that particular information so they can prepare well and customize the offerings as per the demands of the attendees.