If you love snorkeling, for sure, you will be enticed by the underwater beauty of Cabo San Lucas. Even if you haven't tried the activity, the abundant and colorful aquatic life of Cabo San Lucas will definitely make snorkeling one of the best adventures you can enjoy in Cabo.

If you are planning to join a snorkeling tour in Cabo San Lucas, below are just some of the few who offer snorkeling tour services.

Adventure Cabo Deep Blue - they offer snorkeling tours in popular snorkeling sites around Cabo, and they offer scuba diving tours as well. They can also accommodate you in their course for PADI certification and provides lessons on underwater photography as well.

Andromeda Divers. Found in Medano Beach in Cabo San Lucas, this team of professional divers can assist a neophyte in snorkeling as well as certified and experienced divers. They also provide you with the equipment you will need while doing the activity. They also provide course packages depending on your skill and offer special courses like underwater photography. They are also one of the first dive shops in Cabo San Lucas.

Cabo Sails. If you are looking for private sailboat charters, Cabo Sails is one you can get in touch with. They have fine sailboats if you wish to have a private charter for your snorkeling adventure. They also offer other activities like kayaking and sailing as well as sunset cruises where you can enjoy after a snorkeling fun.

Buccaneer Queen is a historical pirate ship that would tour you around Cabo and lets you visit the best snorkeling spots in the place. You can also enjoy other tours through Buccaneer Queen like whale watching tours and sunset cruises.

Baja's Activities is a service provider where you can avail of snorkeling tours around Cabo. Their snorkeling tours feature trips to the Santa Maria Bay located between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, where great snorkeling spots can be found.

Still many other shops offer snorkeling tours around Cabo, as it is one of the best activities in the place. Just be sure that your snorkeling tour in Cabo will always be safe and fun.